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Feeling Overwhelmed? 5 Top Tips to Create Organized Chaos

You know that saying “Burning the Candle on Both Ends“, well the candle didn’t just burn, it exploded, incinerated and turned into ash. I’m a very calm person. During a work break, I told a co-worker that although my full-time position is hectic, I really consider it the slowest part of my day. For 8 hours, I know I’m focused on the single task of trying to organize chaos. And for 8 hours of each day, that is all I do. By the time my 8 hours is completed (hopefully just 8 hours) I know that my job is complete and I leave my shift with nothing that needs to be needs to be addressed. But then I go more CHAOS!

I think it’s pretty ironic that my blog tag line reads: “Organized Chaos at it’s Finest”. Organizing someone’s life is complicated. There is always something that needs to be done, something that you would like to get done, and finally something you dream about doing. So how can you do all three? I’m sorry, but you don’t. You can not do it all. Someday you might be able to, but expecting to do it all is not only pointless, but not realistic.

So what is a busy woman to do? Between kids, extended family, work, home responsibilities, church, etc. we have way too much going on.

Here are my 5 Top Tips for Creating Organized Chaos

1. Budget your time as much as you budget your money (if not more)
Create a general outline of your week with your family (and partner). Everyone needs to pitch in. The days of having all the time in the world is now as common as seeing unicorns in the forest. I like to talk with my husband every evening about what is in store for our family for the next day. Seriously, it is that busy. If the whole family is on the same page, you will feel the stress start to lessen as the week progresses.

2. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize
I honestly I do not know one person who has nothing to do during the day. Don’t feel overwhelmed by seeing a large basket of clothes. Do 1 load to make it through the next day and focus on something else. For me, I know that I have housework to do at home. But going to my son’s football practice is far more rewarding then having a clean bathroom that day.

3.Forget about the Mommy Wars
Does it really matter anymore if your are a SAHM or a working outside the home mom? I don’t care, and you shouldn’t either. Do what is best for your family. Don’t feel guilty for the choice you make to home school versus “traditional” school. Life is too precious to worry about someone else’s choice or to defend your own. Save your energy and enjoy the choice you made.

4. Don’t Sink, Swim but if your drowning ask for a life raft!

Your friends and family WANT to help! I promise, no one will hold it over your head for asking for a favor. Laundry could have exploded in my living room and I would rather help my friend by watching her children for a few hours so she can have time to visit her mother in the hospital. Community supersedes individual goals.

5. Make life easier by finding creative tips and sharing with others
The other day my friend mentioned a Scheduling App that has helped her family schedule have more organization and allowed the whole family to see their week at a glance. She shared it with me and I found it also to be useful. Sharing tips or short cuts can make a huge difference in a family. I want to take it one step forward by sharing not just hits, but misses as well. I love to hear parenting fails. Ha!! Seriously, we all make mistakes and sometimes sharing our mistakes as well as our winning moments can make us smile. Something like this is perfect for the woman that seems to have it all together. I love knowing she made a major goof and is real enough to share it with me.

Being a woman is hard. We all work so hard for the people in our lives that matter most. We don’t receive trophies or ribbons in parenting or marriage. Our final outcome results relies on our happiness in our family and within ourselves.

How do you keep from feeling overwhelmed in maintaining “Organized Chaos”?

Rising Tide 7 Quick Recap #Nola #RT7


This weekend I had the privilege to attend Rising Tide 7 at Xavier University in New Orleans, La.Rising Tide is a conference that brings bloggers, new media, authors and other parties interested in assisting in the recovery of New Orleans together. Rising Tide has been informative to those by bringing hot topics to the table like recovery, education, politics, culture and of course activism for all issues important to them.



Already in it’s 7th year, rising Tide had some great panels that I enjoyed. From interesting panel discussion like The Education Experiment – Petri Dish Reform in New Orleans and Louisiana to Panel Discussion: Black and White and Red All Over, there was something for everyone. Black and White and Red all Over was by far the most interesting. This panel discussion pertained to the recent closure of the 175 year old Times-Picayune Newspaper and the newly acquired (and digitally focused) (i.e Nola Media Group. While I may unveil my opinions another time, I can tell you this was an extremely heated discussion.

One of my favorite parts of attending blogger conferences is the community. Blogging is something that one does for the enjoyment and personal satisfaction but in addition to blogging, we are also blog readers. There are so many blogs locally that I have been following on the net and through social media outlets such as twitter. I was able to meet up with my twitter blogger pals and meet new and interesting people. If you think bloggers can be unique characters, wait until you meet a true Nola Blogger character.





Another Reason to Attend: Juan’s Flying Burrito!!
The Taco Station was extremely popular and rightfully so!! I can see why they are called Juans’s Flying Burritos, the tacos were so good that they were flying into a hungry blogger’s mouth!




Rising Tide is a gathering for all who wish to learn more and do more to assist New Orleans’ recovery from the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the failure of the levees that were supposed to protect the area.
We come together to dispel myths, promote facts, share personal testimonies, highlight progress and regress, discuss recovery ideas, and promote sound policies at all levels. We aim to be a “real life” demonstration of internet activism as we continue to recover from a massive failure of government on all levels.

About & Mission Information can be found on their Facebook Page. You can also find Rising Tide on Twitter and if your extremely interested, you can watch the live stream of some of the events that took place.

Online Child Behavior Clinic- Finding Ways to Treat & Give Parental Confidence

For many children across the country, a new school year has resumed. Returning to the classroom is always a new adventure in a child’s life. But with that can also come obstacles. As children continue to grow and experience new life challenges, some children struggle in specific behavior areas. New behavior issues can appear out of no where and create family disturbances. As parents, many of us have struggled with helping our children overcome these specific behavior problems. Sometimes we reach out to friends, family members, and possibly our school educators for help. But since every child is different, finding solutions for those problems can vary depending on the child & also the behavior problem.

At 3 years old, I brought my son to our local school board so he can be evaluated for possible speech delays. I knew he was behind in the speech department, but what I didn’t realize was that they were also evaluating my son for Autism. By the end of the evaluation I found out my son demonstrated 4 of the 6 (minimum needed) criteria that would classify him having Autism Spectrum Disorder. The social worker explained to me that they felt the 4 items he demonstrated are more behavioral and that in time (and with treatment) those behaviors would soon develop & improve. I was fortunate in that I had several friends in the medical field that would give me the tools and the technology I needed to help my son develop in the areas he lacked. I scoured the internet, reached out to other mothers, and solicited help from friends in the medical for advice whenever I could. What I needed was treatment that was affordable, in my area & flexible. Someone that I could use as a resource as a parent, as well as individual treatment for my son.

The Online Child Behavior Clinic specializes in child behavior management whether the problem is social behavior, school performance, or child/family health. There are so many advances in internet child therapy which allows Online Child Behavior Clinic to provide effective, affordable parental consultation. In addition to individual therapy, The Online Child Behavior Clinic also offers group therapy or a “buddy system” where up to six moms and/or dads on a budget can get together and make up an Online Clinic parent group. They can all meet with me online video at the same time for a drastic reduction in cost of the program for each person. They can learn from each other, support each others’ efforts, and share the experience of positive family change together. The Online Child Behavior Clinic can offer therapy to parents & children like Depression, School Learning Problems, Emotional Distrubanaces, Impulse Control and much more. You can find a full list of services provided HERE

For me, the idea of online therapy is a great resource for a busy family. The ability to use Skype as a tool to gain a personal face-to-face conversation is a huge convenience factor. You can have sessions in the privacy of your own home or office without it becoming a distraction to our everyday responsibilities. Parents will gain the confidence they need to help their child overcome specific behavior issues, as well as the ability to handle situations that may come in the future. Average treatment is around 3 months which can equal to about 6 sessions. This creates affordability for any family without a long term commitment and financial burden for your family.

My son made 8 years old this past August. Although he was diagnosed with profound speech delay at 3 years old, the behaviors he exhibited back then took quite some time to manage. There were tears when I thought I wouldn’t be able to make a difference and smiles when we made a small step in the right direction. Everyday was a new challenge, but those moments brought my son (and my family) closer every step of the way.

If you know someone that may be experiencing the need for child behavior treatment and resources for their family, please let them know about the  Online Child Behavior Clinic. Proper treatment can help a family much quicker than it took me & my son to find our own peace.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own & can not be influenced in any way. I am not a physician and my experiences are my own.

WHY HAVE KIDS? A New Mom Explores the Truth About Parenting and Happiness by Jessica Valenti

A New Mom Explores the Truth About
Parenting and Happiness
by Jessica Valenti

Deciding to become a mother should be a well thought out decision. The stress that society places in the parenting roles and which decisions we as mothers make are never easy questions to answer. But with all the demands, issues like “Mommy Guilt” or even worse, “Mommy Wars” why do some women even decide to have children? Author Jessica Valenti takes on these questions in her new book “Why Have Kids which became available September 4th, 2012. Jessica Valenti tackles controversial questions and with brutal honesty answers them how we can bring the joys back in parenting and take away societies expectations on us.

Available in print & in digital copy for your favorite E-Reader, “This is a book about how the American ideal of parenting doesn’t match the reality of our lives, and how that incompatibility is hurting parents and children,” says Valenti. “The truth about parenting is that the reality of our lives needs to be enough. Seeking out an ideal that most of us can never reach is making us, and our kids, miserable.” The pursuit of perfection in pregnancy and parenting is giving American mothers a guilt complex and taking the joy out of parenthood. Valenti reveals the disconnect between parents’ hopes and the day-to-day reality of raising children and argues that while debating whether or not to breastfeed means we care about parenting, we really should really focus on raising our children as a community exercise. Forming communities of action rather than communities of judgment will help mothers and parents support each other.”

Join the twitter discussion by using the hashtag: #whyhavekids?


Jessica Valenti is the author of three previous books, including The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women. She is also the founder of, which the Columbia Journalism Review called “head and shoulders above almost any writing on women’s issues in mainstream media.” Jessica – called one of the top 100 inspiring women in the world by the Guardian – speaks at universities and organizations in the U.S. and abroad about feminism, activism, and media. She lives with her family in Boston, but remains a New Yorker at heart.

You can find out more about the author by visiting her site at

WHY HAVE KIDS? A New Mom Explores the Truth about Parenting and Happiness
by Jessica Valenti

On Sale: September 4, 2012· Amazon/New Harvest· 208 pages

$23.00 Hardcover · ISBN: 978-0-8050-9412-1

$9.99 Digital List Price· ASIN: B008L4KT6W

A provocative and intimate exploration of modern parenthood by “a gutsy young third wave feminist” – The New York Times

Disclosure: This post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. I received a copy of Why Have Kids? and compensation for my time investment and work on this campaign.

Creating Memories in 5 mins or Less: Lifeables #Lifeables

As a mother, there is no such thing has having too many pictures. But we take pictures not just for ourselves but for our entire family. Since Social Media has a huge presence and readily accessible to most people, we post them on sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and yes, even our own blog’s contain family pictures. That is a ton of pictures floating all over cyberspace, no?

Recently I discovered Lifeables.Lifeables is not a typical photo storage site it is more of a Photo Vault that can be used to create “Moments” versus just photo storage. Lifeables can use social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to collect all pictures that you have posted about your children, husband or other family members and collect them simply by adding a short profile on them.

So if I want to add any pictures I may have posts about my sister. I just enter her information like name and my relationship to her, and Lifeables will search my social media sites to filter content and collect pictures I may have posted about her as well as comments I may have made about. Then I can create a Lifeable of her. So if she got married a year ago, Lifeables will search for any moments I wrote about her or pictures I took of her and/or wedding events in the past year. I can then create a Lifeables of just her Wedding. Works the same with a family vacation. If I’m posting pictures of our family vacation in “real time” on Facebook or Instagram, Lifeables can create a Vacation Lifeable on our trip from beginning to end. If you notice on the Lifeables I created for my children pictured below, Lifeables has a magazine style to it. So a picture will be displayed along with a timeline on how long ago the picture was posted. Utilizing this feature is great especially if you have a baby/pregnancy or even to display a school year for a child.

A ScreenShot of my own Lifeables I created.

Lifeables is currently in Beta but there are so many great features already available and more on the way. Users can easily navigate within the site to create a beta account and start creating their own collections. Every members will receive 5GB of secured storage for Free or w/ $20 yearly can access an additional 20GB. The timeless vault can be accessed by any family member or can be created as private which is solely at the discretion of the user. In addition, Lifeables will start working with vendors soon to allow users to create a hard copy of their creations in the form of family keepsakes.

I’m very happy with the site thus far. I love the professional style of a created Lifeable, but also that it takes so little time to create a 5 page collection that I can share with family members. If you would like to find out more about the site you can visit:

Disclosure: Posts is compensated and in collaboration with Lifeables and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are my & can not be influenced in any way.

Top 5 Unusual Spots for Germs & Bacteria Plus Boogie Wipes Prize Pack Ends 9/30

School is in and you know what that means- GERMS. No matter how many times we tell our children to wash their hands, they are still going to get sick from germs at school. Really, their going to get sick from anywhere but school is a constant battle for many families. My almost 12 year old daughter has anti bacterial containers everywhere from her locker to her backpack, but my 8 year old is prone to sickness this time of year.

Aside from school, our own home can carry germs & bacteria. Below is a list of unusual locations that bacteria & germs lurk.

1. Restaurant Menu: The worse thing you can do is let your restaurant menu touch your appetizer plates, eating utensils or drinking glasses. The menus are filled with germs & other bacteria that can cause sickness to your and your family members. Bring a small alcohol wipes or antibacterial wipes with you in your wallet or purse.

2. Vacuum Cleaner:
E Coli, Fecal bacteria, and mold are the main culprit of germs hiding in your vacuum cleaner. Make sure to regularly change out your vacuum cleaner bags and wear gloves when doing so. Spray disinfectant on the brushes of your vacuum cleaners after every use. Also keep in mind that not spraying disinfectant after every use, your also transferring germs from one room to another room, allowing for a larger square foot area to be contaminated.

3. Your Own Bed:
Yup, your own bed is a huge carrier of dust mites. Dust Mites are small microscopic creatures that feed of your dead skin. Lovely! One of the best ways to reduce dust mites is by not making your bed. I’ll repeat that, do not make your bed. Dust mites survive on moisture that a made bed can provide. See mom, the kids are right about not making their beds! Reducing the chance of dust mites can also reduce the chance of allergies and things like asthma your family may experience.

4. Office Mouse & Keyboard:
We knew this one, but it’s one of those items that we tend to forget to wipe off. and average of 60 different types of bacteria can be found of your office computer & mouse. Keep in mind that children also have access to the school’s computer lab. Make sure your child’s school offers a thorough cleaning of their computer lab.

5. Debit Cards:
Yikes!! We hand over our debit/credit cards too often everyday to not apply an antibacterial wipe at the end of each day. We used to think that cash was one of the dirtiest areas for germs & bacteria, boy were we wrong. Maybe you use a card machine versus handing over your card to an actual person? The credit card machines crevices that we slide our cars in are extremely dirty. Locations may wipe their machines but are those crevices getting clean? Probably not. Make sure to clean your cards and allow them to dry before returning them to your wallets.


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Mandatory Entry: Comment below & let me know you how you battle germs in your home?

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Good Luck!!

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Huggies Dad Tips: Stresses, Messes & Learning Along the Way

I remember having our first child 12 years ago and all the excitement that came with waiting for our child to be born. For me, I was anxious to see her, hold her and find out what kind of child/person she would become. My water broke at 2 a.m so my husband & I rushed (it was a 35 min. drive to the hospital of my choice) into the car to have my daughter…except I looked over at my husband driving, and we was going 10 miles UNDER the speed limit. It had hit him- It was Time!!

At 29 years old he seemed very calm, but nerves had hit him. It was happening. In a few hours he would become a father! And unlike myself, he had very little experience with children. Like many fathers he figured I would lead in the right direction, but what he didn’t know was how important his role was going to be. Not just in the future, but from the first minute of her life.

Women are so eager to give parenting advice, but what about Dad’s?? I decided to ask my husband about his favorite parenting tips that he would give to new Dad’s.

Conversation went like this:

Me: Did you have a “Dad Aha Moment?”

My Husband & Father to 2 children: Honestly, it didn’t hit me that I was going to be a Dad until I was driving you to the hospital. I was becoming mentally prepared for it, but when the time came, it really sunk in. I had the “This was it!” moment. Women naturally prepare the entire pregnancy. Men prepare in real-time.

Me: What was the one misconception you had about being a New Dad:
Hubby/Father of 2 children: How can “that” come out of one small child? Seriously, I never knew so much can come out of one child. Vomit, poop…it’s never a good thing. And Mom’s are so comfortable talking about it. I remember you asking me: “Did she have a BM? How big was it? What color what it?” I thought all the questions was crazy, but then I realize you just needed to know for health reasons.

Me: What advice do you like to give to New Dad’s?:

My Hubby/Father to 2: Normally, I just tell them how much your life will change. But then I tell them just how much work it is. It doesn’t end when they become self sufficient. Diapers are only the beginning. And speaking of diapers, I remind them they will change them. Even if they are determine that they won’t…they have no idea what will happen if they don’t. Gag reflex or not, it’s coming and it’s not pretty!

Me: Do you think “Today’s Dad” is different than former generations?:

Hubby/Father to 2: Yes, but in a good way. My Dad was very hands on. I learned so much from him, but I’m still learning. `Times have changed so with so many mom’s going back to work, or even Dad’s becoming stay at home parents vs women, not to mention managing time, it’s not just Mom’s that are running around now, it’s Dad’s too. It is definitely a partnership, especially as the child gets older.

Me: How do you cope with the challenges of parenting?
Hubby/Father to 2:
Drinking? I’m being funny, seriously though stress is easier to cope with if your working together to find a solution. So when Mom is stressed out, Dad needs to help find a solution to make life easier, or at least do-able. I’m pretty calm when it comes to messes or time management, so I rarely get stressed out. I’m always thinking: It will get clean eventually or we will get there as soon as we can. My only concern is to help you (Mom) not feel overwhelmed. Dad’s need to help create a solution, not create the problem.

Me: Have any secrets to share on the challenges of parenting?
Hubby/Father to 2:
Never let your wife/mother of your children be 100% responsible of anything. Always help at least 25% (if not more) of something. If she is the main cleaner in the home make sure you clean after yourself and help pick up. Dad’s can do dishes, vacuum, even laundry (if she lets you). If shes the main cook, make sure you have a few dishes up your sleeve just in case. It’s perfect to surprise her with when she’s been swamped with chores or at work. Speaking of cooking, if Dad is not a good cook, get a nice grill and a waffle maker. Making Saturday Morning waffles is easy, cheap and a big lifesaver for the mother of your child. Another secret, be the support system for her. Let her cry, be mad at you and whatever you do, if she is sleeping in…don’t let anyone wake her up! Believe me, it won’t be good to let something wake her up from a deep sleep.

Want to Attend a Huggies Latino Facebook Chat?

When: September 20, 2012 from 12 pm EST to 1pm EST
Who: Poncho de Anda, TV personality and father of two
What: Opportunity to ask Poncho de Anda how he tackles the challenges of parenting. Huggies would love to hear from you! Please note the chat is in Spanish. Look for the picture of Poncho on the FB page to participate in the chat.

Disclosure: This post is compensated and in collaboration with Huggies and Latina Bloggers Connect. all opinions are my own & can not be influenced in any way.

What Every Parent Should Know about Child Passenger Safety Week: September 16-22, 2012

No matter how old your children are, Child Passenger Car Safety is something that is in every mother’s head. When my children were young, we spent many hours debating on which car seat was a perfect fit for my family. Safety was our main concern, followed by comfort, then price. But choosing the right car seat for your child can be daunting at times. Now, you can find the proper technician that can help you install the correct car seat to fit your own child.

For more information please read the information listed below as well as the PDF that can help give you tips, as well as how to find someone in your area to fit your car/child for the safest ride possible.

As a mother, how did you know which car seat was the safest to use for your child/children or how to properly install the car seat?

What Every Parent Should Know about Child Passenger Safety Week:
September 16-22, 2012

Childhood seems to go by so quickly. One day, Sarita is crawling around the house, the next she is dancing at her Quinceañera. Mateo’s first steps soon become sprints on the soccer field. Milestones come and go and time flies by.

Still, there are situations when it is important to slow down, especially when it comes to protecting all the milestones that still lie ahead. That is what the US Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Child Passenger Safety Week is all about.

Since car crashes are the leading cause of death among children one through 13, parents should be more motivated than ever to take action and be certain their child is safe. During Child Passenger Safety Week, parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to access the tools and resources they need to select and properly use the right car seat for their children based on their ages and sizes.

NHTSA’s car seat recommendations can help you make the safest choice for your child:

Birth to 12 Months:
For the best possible protection, your child under age 1 should always ride in a rear-facing car seat. There are different types of rear-facing car seats: infant-only seats can only be used rear-facing. Convertible and 3-in-1 car seats typically have higher height and weight limits for the rear-facing position, allowing you to keep your child rear-facing for a longer period of time.

1-3 Years:

Your child should remain in a rear-facing car seat until the child reaches the top height or weight limit allowed by your car seat’s manufacturer. This may result in many children riding rear-facing to age 2 or older. Once your child outgrows the rear-facing car seat, your child is ready to travel in a forward-facing car seat with a harness.

4-7 Years:

Keep your child in a forward-facing car seat with a harness until the child reaches the top height or weight limit allowed by your car seat’s manufacturer. Once your child outgrows the forward-facing car seat with a harness, it is time to travel in a booster seat, but still in the back seat.

8-12 Years:

Keep your child in a booster seat until the child is big enough to fit in a seat belt properly. For a seat belt to fit properly the lap belt must lie snugly across the upper thighs, not the stomach. The shoulder belt should lie snug across the shoulder and chest and not cross the neck or face. Remember, your child should still ride in the back seat because it’s safer there.

According NHTSA, the majority of car seats on the road are not used correctly. That is why it is so important to have your car seat checked by a trained professional. September 22 is National Seat Check Saturday. On this day, certified child passenger safety technicians nationwide will provide free car seat inspections and hands-on advice to make sure parents and caregivers know how to choose the right car seats and install them properly in their vehicles.

“National Seat Check Saturday is your opportunity to make your child’s safety in the car a priority. Many parents go into an inspection with no idea that their child is at risk, but walk away knowing that their child is safe and secure instead of just assuming it,” said NHTSA Administrator David Strickland.

Remember, the best car seat or booster fits your child and your car, and is one you will use correctly every time you travel. Not only will your child ride as safely as possible, you will be protecting all of their future milestones by making sure. Call 1-888-PROTEGIDOS to speak with someone who can offer you advice on how to choose and use the right car seat and locate a car seat inspection event near you. You can also find additional resources on

NHTSA_CPS Week_Instructional Flier car child safety week

Niche Mommy Conference: The Roosevelt Hotel #Nola


About 2 1/2 weeks ago I stayed at The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans for The Niche Mommy Conference. I knew that with that powerful combination, the conference could only be class act event. Fortunately due to sponsors of the vent like Huggies & Time to Play, I had won a scholarship that would allow me to stay at the conference hotel while attending the 4 day/3 night event.

Once arriving at The Roosevelt, you can instantly feel the beauty & splendor of the historic hotel. People like Louis Armstrong, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Jack Benny, Bob Hope once used the same revolving door I had the opportunity to experience. In 2005, the Roosevelt underwent a 145 million dollar restoration project which brought back all the historic elements that has made The Roosevelt iconic to the New Orleans area since the late 1800’s.

Whether I spoke to someone at the front desk, a bell hop, or someone in catering, the staff was always impressive with their information they provided me and desire to help me at any cost. In fact, I had won an infant car seat (thanks to Britax) and brought the car seat on my last day to the bell hop area. Not only did they store the car seat for me while I resumed my Sunday Brunch, but a gentleman even carried the car seat outside the hotel, down a block and into the parking garage where my car was located. He did that all with a smile and ready to converse me me about how my stay had been.

From mosaic tiles in the lobby floors, the chandeliers, to the handmade plasterwork in the elevator all the details play a pivotal role in splendor of The Roosevelt. Although the hotel has underwent a few name changes over the years, it is now aptly named because something that grand, would happen “Only At The Roosevelt”.

A few pictures from my stay:





Did I tell you the food catered by The Roosevelt for The Niche Conference was truly amazing?!?! I wish I could have taken a picture of breakfast, lunch, & dinner I had there-Truly Top Notch! Wheater someone was gluten free or kosher, they also catered to specific diets at any of our combined dining events.




What to Expect From Little League Football

Little League Football is big in many areas. Although cost is always an issue, many parents manage to put aside a small amount money for their son’s (or daughter’s) opportunity to play the game. In addition to the initial league costs, many parents have to also purchase additional practice jerseys, practice pants, game pants, socks, cleats, and items like chin strapss and mouth guards. But after a few weeks of after-school practices what can parents anticipate they will experience as Football Mom’s or Dad’s?

Time Commitment:

Although you have already experienced a few weeks of after school practices, you & your child will devote many weekends at your local football park or possibly even travel to other parks if that is the case. If you have other children not in football, this will be very difficult as you may need one child to me at ABC School, while your Football Child has to be at a game for 7:15 a.m the same day. Work schedules are not even factored in, so make sure you check with your employer & your football schedule to see if the 2 can possibly be scheduled apart from another.

Game Expenses:
Aside from the football expenses don’t forget that many ball parks have entrance fees associated with them. Home games can also have fees attached to them. Adults in my local area cost anywhere from $2.00 to $4.00 per adult!! Either bring your own cooler with snacks & beverages or be ready to shell out some extra funds for ball park food. Who can resists a chili cheese dog at a football game?

It’s Not the Coach, It’s the Game:
Coaches can be loud, but their voice is amplified throughout Game Day. As a Football Mom or Football Dad, you have to understand that the football helmets can muffle a coach’s instruction to a player. Also players and coaching staff can get very emotional and passionate so their reactions may seem harsh, but in that moment, they are probably not even aware of what they are doing or what they may sound like.

Your Child Will Make A Mistake:

Don’t become one of those parents that are vocal about every other child’s mistakes, but not acknowledge your own child’s. Be a support system to other parents, as well as their child. Both parents & child can feel pressure if they make a mistake on the field. The only way a child will learn is if they make a mistake. The key is being able to correct the mistake in the future. Try to keep your facial and vocal expressions to a minimum when a team isn’t doing as well as they could be. We love when we are winning but screaming to have a child replaced by another child is not good sportsmanship. Color commentary can be heard by other parents and problems can always arise.

Is He Hurt??

Children will get hurt, but they will also bounce back. Practice safety techniques with you child and always encourage your child to tell you how he is feeling, even when not playing football. The most important way to prepare your child for getting hit & tackled is to have him attend practice!! I can’t stress this enough. If they don’t practice with team members, they will not be able to take hits from a complete stranger. Go to Practice & don’t make excuses, it’s for their safety!!