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Online Child Behavior Clinic- Finding Ways to Treat & Give Parental Confidence

For many children across the country, a new school year has resumed. Returning to the classroom is always a new adventure in a child’s life. But with that can also come obstacles. As children continue to grow and experience new life challenges, some children struggle in specific behavior areas. New behavior issues can appear out of no where and create family disturbances. As parents, many of us have struggled with helping our children overcome these specific behavior problems. Sometimes we reach out to friends, family members, and possibly our school educators for help. But since every child is different, finding solutions for those problems can vary depending on the child & also the behavior problem.

At 3 years old, I brought my son to our local school board so he can be evaluated for possible speech delays. I knew he was behind in the speech department, but what I didn’t realize was that they were also evaluating my son for Autism. By the end of the evaluation I found out my son demonstrated 4 of the 6 (minimum needed) criteria that would classify him having Autism Spectrum Disorder. The social worker explained to me that they felt the 4 items he demonstrated are more behavioral and that in time (and with treatment) those behaviors would soon develop & improve. I was fortunate in that I had several friends in the medical field that would give me the tools and the technology I needed to help my son develop in the areas he lacked. I scoured the internet, reached out to other mothers, and solicited help from friends in the medical for advice whenever I could. What I needed was treatment that was affordable, in my area & flexible. Someone that I could use as a resource as a parent, as well as individual treatment for my son.

The Online Child Behavior Clinic specializes in child behavior management whether the problem is social behavior, school performance, or child/family health. There are so many advances in internet child therapy which allows Online Child Behavior Clinic to provide effective, affordable parental consultation. In addition to individual therapy, The Online Child Behavior Clinic also offers group therapy or a “buddy system” where up to six moms and/or dads on a budget can get together and make up an Online Clinic parent group. They can all meet with me online video at the same time for a drastic reduction in cost of the program for each person. They can learn from each other, support each others’ efforts, and share the experience of positive family change together. The Online Child Behavior Clinic can offer therapy to parents & children like Depression, School Learning Problems, Emotional Distrubanaces, Impulse Control and much more. You can find a full list of services provided HERE

For me, the idea of online therapy is a great resource for a busy family. The ability to use Skype as a tool to gain a personal face-to-face conversation is a huge convenience factor. You can have sessions in the privacy of your own home or office without it becoming a distraction to our everyday responsibilities. Parents will gain the confidence they need to help their child overcome specific behavior issues, as well as the ability to handle situations that may come in the future. Average treatment is around 3 months which can equal to about 6 sessions. This creates affordability for any family without a long term commitment and financial burden for your family.

My son made 8 years old this past August. Although he was diagnosed with profound speech delay at 3 years old, the behaviors he exhibited back then took quite some time to manage. There were tears when I thought I wouldn’t be able to make a difference and smiles when we made a small step in the right direction. Everyday was a new challenge, but those moments brought my son (and my family) closer every step of the way.

If you know someone that may be experiencing the need for child behavior treatment and resources for their family, please let them know about the  Online Child Behavior Clinic. Proper treatment can help a family much quicker than it took me & my son to find our own peace.

Disclosure: All opinions are my own & can not be influenced in any way. I am not a physician and my experiences are my own.

Freezer Friday Bulk Cooking: Chicken Tortilla Soup


Friday Night Dinner for $28 without using coupons or any stockpiling may not seem like a great deal, but what if you can have 3 dinners out of it?? Friday Freezer Dinners are back and this time we’re having Chicken Tortilla Soup. The great thing about tortilla soup is that you can add or eliminate any items your not interested in adding. Personally, I’m not a bean person but in a soup it adds extra flavor, protein, and can thicken a soup up instantly. Chicken Tortilla Soup is one of these meals that we can all make easily, but adding it to your dinner rotation is something we tend to forget. By cooking it ahead of time, you take the thinking out and add the extra meal to your freezer.

1 large bulk size tray of chicken or 2 rotisserie chickens. Chicken must be cooked before assembly of soup.
2- 15oz cans of black beans
2- 15oz cans of red kidney beans
2- 15oz cans of pinto beans
2- 15oz cans of whole kernel corn
1 14.5 oz-20 oz or larger size of diced tomatoes
1 cup of diced onions
1 cup of diced bell peppers (I used the frozen bag onion/bell pepper version to save time)
1 5 oz can of green Verde Salsa (if desired)
4-6 cups of clear chicken broth
1 bag of tortilla chips or 10 tortillas sliced in strips that have been baked for 10 mins in 350 degree temp.
2 tablespoons Badia Complete Seasoning (that is just my preference but if you have a seasoning mix w/ salt/pepper/parsley/oregano combo
2 cups of cheese

Add all beans, corn, tomatoes, onion/bell peppers, green verde salsa, seasonings and broth in large stock pot. Let cook on medium for 15 min, then simmer for 10-15 mins. Dinner will be done! Add cheese & baked tortillas/chips to a bowl of chicken tortilla soup for garnishment & crunch. After soup has been completely cooled off, you can add to freezer containers. For my family, I was able to do make 2 containers to freeze & a lunch out of any leftover tortilla soup. Make once a month and you have an automatic 2 extra meals for the next 2 week or more.

Simple recipes can be added to your freezer for an instant family workweek dinner or take along with you to a friends house for a football party gathering.

What is your favorite recipe to make in bulk?





Jingit & General Mills- Grocery Shopping Has Never Been So Rewarding #BoxTops

One of my favorite fundraisers my child’s school participates in is Box Tops for Education. Since collecting Box Tops is extremely easy to do, I have no problem handing my children baggies filled with clipped Box Tops I have collected for a few months. But Collecting Box Tops has definitely evolved over in the last few years. Recently I downloaded the new JingIt App available on my smartphone.

Jingit is a new start-up company that works with various brands like General Mills to pay you instant cash for learning more about a brand and giving input on various topics. Since Jingit knows your time is valuable, they not only allow you to earn money for yourself, but they have also partnered with General Mills And Box Tops for Education so that you can also earn funds for your favorite participating school and make a difference in your community.

Jingit can be used online or through the Iphone or Android App. which ever way you decide to use Jingit you need to first choose a school to donate your eBox Tops to when prompted if you want to unlock this earning opportunity. But since you only have to do it once the rest is as easy as 1-2-3! Once your App is downloaded or if you decide to use their online site, you can earn money & Box Tops right away. Click on the “Earn It” options and start watching videos. Every time you watch a short 20 second video you can earn anywhere from 20-50 cents per video! I started by watching a few videos while commercials were playing during the little time I watch television. I was on my way to earning money & Box Tops which made me feel very accomplished!!

But I soon realized I can earn up to $1.00 by using the “Check In” Option on various selected items. On my most recent trip to Walmart, I used the Check in option through my JingIt app and scan the barcodes on any 4 participating General Mills’ back-to-school basics products (Yoplait Go-Gurt, Yoplait – Original Fridge Pack, Fiber One Brownies, Nature Valley Oats ‘n Honey Granola Bars, Honey Nut Cheerios, Totino’s Party Pizzas, Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks – Fruit Roll-Ups, Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Gushers) and BOOM – more money for my account & instant Box Tops for my children’s school!! Winning Combo in my eyes!!

Although I still participate in clipped Box Tops, I feel I can earn extra revenue for my children’s school by using Jingit. I am going to relay all the information I learned about the Jingit App to the school’s Box Top Coordinator in hopes that other parents in my area can participate by using the Jingit App as well. If 1/2 of the parents (and even the children with smartphones) can participate in the Jingit program, we can possibly double our schools end of year Box Tops total.

If your interested in signup for Jingit by clicking HERE and download the Jingit App for additional savings and extra Box Tops HERE. You can also follow the Jingit on Facebook & Twitter. Use the hastag #jingit4edu for more real-time twitter information on the Jingit program. My Google + Story also gives you a step by step process of the JingIt App and the Check-In as well.


Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Jingit #CBias #SocialFabric”. All opinions are my own & can not be influenced in any way.

Want to Save Money Every Month on Your Phone Service? Nettalk Duo WIFI Review & Giveaway Ends 9/10

In order to save money every month, you have to be very creative. Cutting phone service or going without a land-line is a huge decision a family must make. For my family, cutting my land-line all together is next to impossible since our cell phone coverage is very poor in my area. Recently I had the opportunity to review & learn more about Nettalk Duo WIFI. Nettalk Duo WIFI is a VoIP device. You can connect NetTalk directly to a router via a Wi-Fi connection as well as Ethernet and USB connection.

One of the best reasons to think about NetTalk is that connection is anywhere there is an accessible Wi-Fi signal.This is perfect for not just a family, but family member that travels or even a young adult in college since it can travel and relocate with them versus establishing new connection & submitting to a contract at one location for a period of time.You can use the product in a hot spot, college campus, or café internet connection. You can even Transfer your existing number to your netTALK device as well as.

Unfortunately I am still under contract with my phone provider, but I am using this in my daughter’s room for now. She can have access to the phone without using her My cell phone minutes up & if her room is not clean or she is restricted from the phone, I can easily remove it from her room in seconds! It is just as easy to remove as it is to set up!

There are so many great features NetTALK has to offer. You receive all of the features listed below for just$64.95 + tax, which includes one year of service! Each additional year of service is only $29.95 + tax! With all those features, switching to NetTalk Duo Wifi should be on the top of your family’s budget slashing conversation. You can find Nettalk Duo WIFI available at Target Stores as well as other leading retailers.

Various Features:

Call Blocking (block annoying calls)
Call ID Blocking (protect your privacy)
One year of service included
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
WiFi enabled
Choose a phone number or keep your own
Free local and long distance calling to the U.S. and Canada
Live technical support, 7 days a week
Flat-rate, ultra low-cost international call plans
Free DUO-to-DUO-calls anywhere in the world
Plugs directly into your router or computer
Landline goes anywhere there is internet
411 directory assistance
Call waiting / caller ID / call forwarding
3-way calling / conference calling
Visual voicemail
Enhanced 911

Want to win your own NetTalk Due Wifi of your own??
Giveaway – Enter to win a Nettalk Duo Wifi of your own!

Mandatory Entry: You MUST follow Nettalk on Twitter here. Comment below & let me know you are now following NetTalk on Twitter.

Additional Entries:
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The giveaway will end on 9/10/12 at 11:59 pm Central. Open to US residents 18 yrs of age or older. The winner will be chosen by & will be contacted by email. Winner will have 48 hours to contact me after winner notification is sent out before another winner will be drawn.

Busy Schedules? Try Friday Freezer Cooking: Chicken Enchiladas


One of my favorite things about Friday is that I generally have the weekend to recoup & get my house in order. Since I work full-time outside the home, run my site in my “spare time”, plus be a mommy/wife, I have limited time and limited energy to get things done. One way I save on time is by creating a Friday Freezer Cooking Session. My family can not live along on crock pot meals or quick dinners. We love to have comfort food. Whether it’s Seafood Gumbo, Chicken & Sausage Jambalaya, Lasagna, or Enchiladas, my family enjoys a hearty meal. The only drawback to those dishes, is the time it takes to either prep or simmer the dinner. I can make crock-pot versions, but sometimes cooking ahead can make a huge difference in the time a mom has to get food together.

Last weekend I made my usual Friday Freezer Chicken Enchiladas. I try to make a different Friday Freezer Dinner each week to give my family a nice variation of midweek dinners. The great things about Chicken Enchiladas is the price. Although I don’t skimp on cheese, you can often buy cheese on sale with coupons and freeze the cheese as well until your ready to use. Tortillas are generally inexpensive and sometime can get at a great stock up price. Tortillas never go bad in my house, that’s for sure.


The first thing I do is take a can of enchilada sauce and pour into a large skillet. I put the sauce on the lowest setting just to give the sauce a nice warm temperature. This helps warm your tortilla as you are soaking it in enchilada sauce. I place the large tortilla within the skillet and just give each tortilla one by one a enchilada sauce coloring. You don’t have to do this, but I find the tortillas are easier to cook & roll if they are warm, plus it gives each tortillas the enchilada sauce flavoring without leaving it dried out.



I then add a small amount of cooked chicken (depending on the thickness of each desired enchilada) & a 4-5 tablespoons of cheese to each tortilla. I then roll up the tortillas with the chicken & cheese stuffing to create the rolled effect within the pan. Notice that each enchilada fills the pan. I can generally get 6 large enchiladas (which is perfect for my family of 4) in each pan. I’m using a 8×11 aluminum pan per dinner, but you can use a large pan if you would like.

20120818-185249.jpg<br /


Once each tray is filled, I add a layer of foil so my cheese gets melted but not overly cooked. Since 1 tray is enough for my family of 4, I can either cook all the trays then insert extra food into the freezer, or I can freeze it without cooking.


Chicken & Cheese Enchiladas:
Yields 16 Large Enchiladas

2-Whole Cooked Chicken
2-8count large tortillas
4-cans of Enchilada Sauce 12 oz.
5 cups of cheese Can be “Mexican” cheese or Cheddar/Jack Blend
1 small onion & 2 cloves of garlic (if desired) I add it to my cooked chicken & cheese blend to give additional flavor

Do as directed in above post, Add foil to each pan prior to cooking. Cook for 20 min at 350f degrees. Freeze any food not being eaten and save for another night. This dinner can easily cost under $30 even without major coupon savings. Divided by 2-3 evenings, your budget can get slashed even more!! Or create this for an affordable large family get together. This dinner can easily feed 10-12 hungry mouths, if not more!

What are some of your favorite dishes to freeze for another evening??


Johnson & Johnson Entre Tu y Yo Campaign: August Giveaway Gift Box filled w/ Johnson & Johnson Products- Ends August 31st 11:59p.m Central

No, this is not De Ja Vu’!!

In July, I was recently sent a large selection of Johnson & Johnson Products as part of the Latino & Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective campaign for the Johnson & Johnson Entre Tu y Yo Campaign. As part of being in this amazing campaign, I have the opportunity to sample various full-sized Johnson & Johnson products AND giveaway the exact set I received!! My July Winner was so excited when I notified her of her winning entry but today I have the opportunity to giveaway the same box that she & I both will or have received…AGAIN!! Keep checking Blogging, Babies & the Bayou in September & October to win more products from Johnson & Johnson via the #ETYY partnership. A new giveaway each of those months as well.

Working in Healthcare Lubriderm is a MUST!

One of my favorite all time Johnson & Johnson products is Lubriderm. Working in healthcare everyday antibacterial liquid is a necessity. Whether it’s patients, families, or even a vendor, reapplying antibacterial can be abrasive on your skin. Luckily, Lubriderm is made to repair and add moisture to your skin. I love to use this at work and am constantly giving some to my co-workers. Lubriderm works wonders and doesn’t have a strong perfumed scent that others are sensitive to. I noramally buy a trail size version and refill with my large Lubriderm bottle to store in my purse or work-bag. My only problem is sharing it so much, my friends always know if they need lotion, I’m the one to see.

Win the exact package I received! Giveaways Ends 8/31st @ 11:59 p.m central time. Valued at up to $100.00

Want to win this Gift Set of Johnson & Johnson Products??
Must be 18 years or older to win. U.S Only Winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to respond to winning email. Please allow 4-6 weeks for winner to receive prize.

1. Go to : & make sure you like their Facebook Page.Come back & comment below letting me know that your a new Facebook Fan!

2. Comment below & let me know what is your favorite item or what your curious to try?

3. Share this giveaway on any social media site. Comment below & let me know where you shared this post. You can share once per day, per social media site. This gives you TONS of every entries EVERY DAY!

Want to know more about the Latino & Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective campaign for the Johnson & Johnson Entre Tu y Yo Campaign? You can go to Twitter and search hashtags #ETYY and #LLBLOG to check out our reviews, enter all of our giveaways & learn more about the Johnson & Johnson Entre Tu y Yo Campaign.

Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my honest review
and give-away as part of the Latino & Latina Lifestyle Bloggers Collective campaign
agreement for the Johnson & Johnson Entre Tu y Yo Campaign. Opinions are my own & can not be influenced in any way.

E.L.F Cosmetics Review: Can Inexpensive Be Better?


I have a Motto: Save When You Can, Spend When You Need To, & Splurge When You Feel You’ve Deserve It!

I love to shop! In fact, my husband has always said that it is far cheaper for me to work, than stay at home. I’m always up for a bargain, but there are some things you get what you pay for. But, there is always an exception to the rule!

I have been a fan of E.L.F Makeup for several years. It is affordable, readily available, and great for specific cosmetic needs. Normally my favorite E.L.F products are the brushes (their kabuki brush is just as good IMO as Sephora’s version), eye shadows & lip glosses. But those items can’t complete an entire makeup collection. Today, I decided to branch out & try a few E.L.F items I haven’t had the chance to test try.


1. High Definition UnderEye Setting Powder:

Working the Overnight shift every other weekend can cause some serious temporary dark circles under the eyes. Honestly, I can’t sleep during the day even when it becomes a necessity, so I take a short nap and by Monday morning I’m exhausted! The High Definition Undereye setting powder does a good job of making those dark circles less noticeable. The powder is light weight & camouflages well. Coverage was even and can be used with or without foundation. I’m sold!! The only draw back is the size of the container. But at $3.00, you can purchase a few at a time and save on shipping or returning to the store to repurchase.

2. Defining Eye Brush:

$1.00 and worth every cent!! The brush is economical and well made. It will not fall apart as you may think.You get a nice application every time & is perfect for eyelid or brow bone. I love their brushes!! I can not find a negative.

3. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer:

I have used many primers in the past, but the eyeshadow primer is a first for me. I find that I do not need it as some may, but as I applied the primer I noticed that it was smooth and instantly became invisible as it was glided on. The primer contains Vitamin A,B & C which is why my eyelids felt as I had just applied moisturizer. At $3.00, it is affordable and the vitamin benefit was worth using the product again.

4. Natural Lash Kit:
$1.00 but I’m not used to it. If your a false eye lash person this is affordable and very natural looking. I’m hoping to become a little braver as i continue to experiment with these. I did notice they were easy to apply and no mess to remove.

5. Mineral Lip Tint:

LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I love this product. The lip tint is smooth, glides on great, & nourishes. Shea, Coconut, Jojoba & Vitamin E is the perfect combination for your lips. My lips feel silky and gives a nice sheer tint without being overly glossy. Contains SPF so the product is great for the summer months, but can help eliviate pain from chap lips as well. At $3.00 it is worth adding to your lip collection!!

6. Lip Stain:
Not on my list of favorite products. I’m not sure if the product I received was faulty or the product itself is poor quality. I tried the Nude Nector which seemed to be a nice color match for my complexion, but the product did not show on my lips. Lip Stain is a pen-like applicator that create hours of lip color. I applied the stain and could not manage to get stain on my lips. The first application to my lips I could see a faint color, but as I continued the process nothing came out and nothing was visible on my lips. Retails for $2.00. Again, not sure if it was the quality or the product or the product I received was dried out?

7. 32 piece eye Shadow Palette:

At $5.00, this product is a must have for any makeup lover. It is affordable and versatile. You can easily find colors that match your skin tone and can be interchanged as the color trends/seasons change. In fact, at that price you can buy various palettes for all seasons. The only drawback is that each color within the is minimal. That being said, there are so many colors you can create your own colors.

Overall, the products I chose I would most definitely buy again, with the exception of the lip Stain. E.L.F is affordable and versatile. Some of these items would be great to use for everyday use. If you are on a budget or have a young teen, this is a great alternative to buying cosmetics at your local department store. Many of the E.L.F products contain no chemical dyes, no parabens, and contain no preservatives which is perfect for sensitive skin.

What are some of your favorite go-to economical makeup products?


Newest Little Black Bag Purchase-Bag #7

Little Black Bag

1 Word= Addiction!!

I wanted to post my 7th bag through Little Black Bag. This is my only once a month splurge. I’m trying to get all items that will go with my wardrobe. Recently I have managed to pick up 3 various watches (a dressy one, silver & gold tone) and various purses for every season. If your interested in more information check out their site http:/ and see how $54.95 after shipping each month (with the option to skip months) can get you items like BCBG, Kenneth Cole, Cynthia Rowley, Olivia + Joy and much more!

On a side note: This is a perfect site for gifts. You can pay one price and get several gifts for the upcoming holiday season!!

Total Bag retails for $141- $54.95 (Out Of Pocket Monthly Cost= $86 Savings!!

Oasap High-Street Fashion – Purse Review

As much as I l LOVE to save money, unfortunately I also love to SPEND money! Since I’m on the plus sized section of the department store and wear a size 11 shoe, I gravitate more towards the accessory department of a department store. Fashion jewelry, purses, watches, sunglasses… you name it, I want it! The perfect way to complete an outfit is to accessorize. Recently, I became a Oasap Fashion Hunter Blogger. I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to pay high dollar prices to get a high dollar look. You can purchase key wardrobe staples and rotate them with various accessories, like scarves and fashion jewelry, to give it a different look every time you slide your key pieces on.

For my first item as a Oasap Fashion Hunter Blogger, I decided to be safe. I wanted to get something you can never have to much of- a Purse! I love my various Coach Purses, but I also like to have different style purses to get with certain outfits in my wardrobe. Every lady needs a go to clutch, a nice over-sized shoulder bag, even a nice fun laptop bag to add to your purse collection.

Since I’ll be attending various blogging conferences soon, I needed a nice business shoulder bag that I can also incorporate into a Laptop Bag as well. I decided on the Black Oversized Glossy Shoulder Bag with Beading Pendant for $41.00. For me, the bag was not as over-sized as I thought it may have been, but I should have read the dimensions a little better. It is however the perfect size for an evening out or to finished that polished business look your looking to achieve. The purse comes in 3 colors- Black, Milky, and Pink. I’d love to get the pink version of this purse and combine your favorite cardigan & pearls with this glossy patent leather looking purse!!

One of my favorite aspects of this purse is that because of the material used, you will not have a problem with stains or dirt. Being a mom, you never know when your going to spill juice in the shopping cart all over your $600 purse! Save your pricey purse at home and use your inexpensive purse at the grocery stores.The top zipped closure pendant, adds a classic element to the purse. The purse seams all are in lace and doesn’t look jagged or as if it would unravel at any time. In addition, it has a nice solid flat bottom surface which is great when setting on a desk or table. I also think beading pendent gives it a nice sophisticated feel to the look. I can’t wait to try some of their apparel soon!! But until then, I’m sure I’ll be getting many uses out of my new purse!

Which are you.. a shoe, clothing, or accessory lover??



Disclosure: I received this item in order to facilitate a review as part of the Oasap Fashion hunter Program. I was not compensated in any other way.

RedLaser App Review- #RedLaser


My daughter & I have been trying to tackle our Back to School shopping little by little. Since I work full-time outside the home & am a full-time blogger, my time is very limited, even for shopping. I’ve been pretty fortunate in that my future 3rd grade son has a pretty basic school supply supply list. My daughter however is headed to 6th grade & a new school. Her school supply list is far more detailed than she has ever had in the past.

Recently I downloaded a new app called RedLaser. RedLaser is a free app that allows users to scan & search for items locally and online. You can price compare, get reviews, and even pay for items using your PayPal account. I was able to download the RedLaser App, scan the bar code of an item at one store & compare prices with other retailers in seconds! Not only did it save me time wandering through a store trying to find if an item was in stock, but it took the guess work out of my daughter’s school supply list.

One of my favorite features is that not only can I scan the price for an item, but I can easily create a shopping list of items to look for PLUS share the list via email, twitter, Facebook, and even text message. Every week my husband & I tag team grocery shopping at our local Sam’s Club. Since he knows which household items (like garbage bags, dog food etc we need) he can scan an item from one end of the warehouse, text the product details to me at the other end of the warehouse & we can decide if we should add the item to our cart without standing around thinking if the item is at it’s lowest cost in bulk, or can we get the item cheaper per unit elsewhere.
Perfect for a on-the-go family!



About RedLaser:

RedLaser is a free app available for download for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. Downloaded over 20 million times,
RedLaser is a secret weapon for the smart shopper – allowing you to scan or search for items to make sure you have all the
information you need, including product details, ratings and price comparison.

Interested in more information:
Twitter: @RedLaserApp


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/RedLaser All opinions are my own & can not be influenced in any way.