Little Black Bag Review VLOG (Video)

Little Black Bag is an online shopping subscription based company that creates a fun, interactive way to purchase items based on a style quiz you answer when you create your account. Each Little Black Bag offers a variety of brand name items (like Kenneth Cole, BCBG Generations, Betsey Johnson etc)in the accessory categories such as handbags, watches, jewelry, makeup or home products.

Every Little Black Bag shipment costs $49.99 plus shipping for a grand total of $55 monthly. You can choose to skip a month if need be, or open your Little Black Bag, keep the items and/or trade with other users to create your perfect Little Black Bag. It will become your favorite splurge of the month! You can even order additional shipments in a 1 month period.

I know I enjoyed the process as much as I love the items. Believe me, it is so much fun & addicting at the same time. You can even gift someone a bag as a present & they can create their own perfect Little Black Bag!

Do you love my items? Have you tried Little Black Bag?

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  1. Thank you for sharing! this is my first time hearing about it. What a cool concept and $55 is a bargain for what you got!

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