Top 5 Eco-Friendly Brands/Products: Earth Day Celebration Week

Earth Day Celebration is continuing on Blogging, Babies & the Bayou. Today I am focusing on my Top 5 Eco-Friendly Brands/Product List.

1. P&G Future Friendly
I am a huge P&G Future Friendly lover. Last Earth Day I wrote about my P&G Future Friendly Facebook Challenge. Since then, P&G has taken future Friendly products to the next level by making quality Eco-Friendly products without taking away the products performance. The Brand has succeeded by emphasizing on little acts that can reduce waste which can make a meaningful impact on our environment.

2. Green Works® Cleaning Products:
Green Works is a natural home care cleaning product that is 95-99% derived of natural products. Normally these types of products can bring the consumer cost to skyrocket, but Green Works manages to maintain a low cost as traditional cleaners. Green works is made from biodegradable ingredients, sustainable packaging and of course, uses no animal testing to their products. Green works is great for children to use and cleans well.

3. Toyota Prius
Toyota was the first to offer the world’s first mass-market hybrid vehicle. It started the “green” revolution of vehicles in the U.S & in several dozen countries. Many car companies have tried to do the exact same measure in the past, but Toyota was the first to make the Hybrid a popular vehicle. The Toyota Prius is still the most fuel-efficient car available in the U.S.

4. Clif Bars
I remember having a Clif Bar and thinking I was eating “just” another energy bar. Little did I know that Clif Bars were energy bars with a purpose. Clif Bars are great tasting & organic, but they are also great for our planet. Clif Bars contains no toxin pesticides or synthetic chemicals. From the growing process, packaging, even their transport, protecting our environment is one of their most important goals.

5. Aveda
Aveda is a pioneer in the green industry. Their products are derived of natural ingredients essential natural oils. since Aveda uses only the best ingredients for their products,the have farms & co-ops that their product ingredients are imported from. From Brazil, Bulgaria, & even the U.S, the ingredients used ensure their hair & skin care lines stay Organic Certified. If you never been to an Aveda Institute or Aveda Certified Spa, your definitely in for a special treat.

What are your favorite Eco-Friendly Brands/products to use in your household??

Disclosure: Please keep in mind this is MY Top 5 Eco-Friendly Brands/Products list. I have worked with a few of the companies listed, but all opinions are 100% my own thoughts & beliefs. #llblog #EarthDay

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  1. I love Aveda products. My friend goes to school there and told me that if you have recently colored your hair then you cannot get it colored with Aveda Hair Dye because of all the chemicals on store bought dyes! Crazy!

  2. I love planet products and anything by Dr. Bronner’s. Happy earth day!!

  3. i love cliff bars! i have to check out the rest of these friendly products🙂

  4. I’m rally looking forward to Earth Day this year– it seems like everyone is getting so much more involved and becoming aware. Thanks for a great post!

  5. ascendingbutterfly

    It’s always fantastic to be able support brands that are pro-actively protecting our environment and helping consumers find easy ways to get involved!

  6. I love the Green Works brands and they work as great or better than the non-natural stuff with 0 toxins and smells.

  7. Great options… thank you for sharing this info…

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