Wordless Wednesday : Earth Day Celebration Week


My 7 year old taking his aluminum cans to our local recycling center. As you can see, he is very proud of his stash!

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  1. That is a lot of cans, does he go around the neighborhood and collect them too?

  2. What a great Earth Day activity!

  3. How awesome, to get your son involved! yay for him!

  4. that is a ton of cans, wow!

  5. Cute! That’s going to be a favorite picture for his wedding day.😉

  6. ascendingbutterfly

    There is absolutely nothing better than instilling in a child the joys of hard work and an honest days pay! You can just see how proud he is!

    Thanks for the visit today, and I’ll remember to check back for your P&G post on Friday!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  7. So great that you are teaching your kids early about the importance of recycling.

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