Surviving Little League – Top Tips

Little League can be overwhelming for many parents. In fact, I think shuttling children from one practice to another can be a sport all in it’s own!

Since not all families are the same, some of the following tips may not be ideal for your family, but it’s definatly worth a shot to try an implement. Things can get trickier as the kiddos get older or more of your children start participating in multiple sports, but don’t let the Little League shuffle get you down. Having your children have the learning experience & the memories are well worth the trouble parents endure during this hectic time.

How to Survive little League This Spring.

I’ve compiled my favorite tips on how to Survive little League this Spring.

-Make sure ALL Homework is done prior to practice or games.
No one will be having fun if there homework to be done at 8:30 or9pm, no matter how old the child is.

– Your child eats dinner prior to a weekday practice.

Most practices for elem. Aged children are at 6pm or later. If you work outside the home, or have small children at home, the crock-pot is your best friend!!

– Apply bug spray & sunscreen on your child prior to entering the field.

I forget at time, but am quickly reminded especially living in the South. Also keep any allergies your child may have in mind.

-Bring any snacks or drinks your child needs versus buying items at the concession stands.

Yes, the stands help raise money for your ballpark. But try and limit what you buy. Your pocketbook will appreciate you at the end of the season.

– Buy Used or Trade.

Equipment can be costly, especially if your child is young and may not be too interested at first. I bought a used softball bat for my daughter a few years ago for $2. It was a great extra bat to have at the home. Swap with your friends/family. One of my good friends gives me all her sons old cleats.For some reason, children’s feet grow AFTER you purchased them new shoes!

– Do not get discouraged with your child or other parents/children on the team.
It’s a work in progress. as long as your child is having fun, then all is well.

– Leave a few folding chairs in your car.
This is a general tip for mommy-hood. You never know when your going to be sitting on the grass getting sand, rocks, or red dirt on your clothes!


I can’t emphasize enough how much your local league can use your help. Whether your helping T-Ball children in the dugout, making phone calls for a coach, or running a concession stand for a few hours every bit of help can make a huge impart in your child’s life.

Do you have any tips on surviving Little League?

See you at the Ball field!!

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  1. great tips! Can even apply to us – we are a soccer family!🙂
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a great post! I have twin boys, they are only two right now, but we do plan on t-ball and little league when they get older! And we also plan to put my daughter in soccer soon and I think these tips would also work for that!

  3. Great post! Very informative🙂

  4. My kids aren’t into sports at least not yet. But those are some really good tips and would work for just about any sport.

  5. I totally agree with these suggestions. This is my first year of dealing with my boys playing sports and trust me I’m learning just how valuable your tips are.🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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