Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler Review + Giveaway Ends 03/26th 11:59pm

Recycling is a big part of our lives. Although it doesn’t seem like a chore, my kids are so used to recycling by now that it comes second nature to them now.

Like many families, we started off small by recycling aluminum cans, then we moved on to paper products like cardboard. Eventually we started a bin for plastics and other materials. Once our children understood the concept of recycling better, we started bringing them to the recycling location nearby so they can observe what happened once we turned in any reusable materials. I’m so glad my husband brings our children because it was a huge eye opener for them & they became even more excited about recycling!

7yr old Daniel taking his cans to the recycling location

Daniel at our local recycling station.





Rubbermaid has some new recycling products available that help make recycling less of a challenge. Rubbermaid sent their Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler to review. The Hidden Recycler is a great way to get your recyclables out of sight. It comes with all necessary screws that attaches to any cabinet door. this allows you to sort through recyclables and garbage instantly without any mess or fuss. The large handle allows you to transport the bag to your central recycling hub within or outside the house.

My favorite part about the Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler is the leak-proof liner that is also machine washable. Yes, I said machine washable!! Not only is the product great for keeping your recyclables organized, it is also made from recyclable materials which means Rubbermaid is practicing what it preaches.

Photo Provided by Rubbermaid 












Giveaway: Rubbermaid is offering one of my Readers a chance to win their own Rubbermaid Hidden Recycle

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Disclosure: Rubbermaid provided me with their product free of charge. I was not compensated in any other way. Opinions are always my own.

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  1. We recycle all our plastic and cans weekly! This would be great!

  2. I “Like” Rubbermaid ‘s Facebook Page

  3. Megan Langford

    We recycle our paper, tin & plastic products weekly & our aluminum products monthly. We use large plastic bags indoors that we reuse until they tear. They hang on doorknobs. =( We also use reusable shopping bags EVERYWHERE we shop. =)

  4. We recycle according to the list the trash company sent out. I am very upset they don’t recycle glass! Did you know that if they see glass, or plastic bags, in your cart they won’t take it at all? We found that out the hard way after a party when the cart was chock full! Hopefully they will start recycling glass soon. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. We recycle everything! My kids are great about it and know what to put where. But that means lots of bags under our sink to do this. But it reduces our garbage by a ton!

  6. I’m following you on twitter and tweeted =o) @EMAkingMemories

  7. I follow Rubbermaid on Twitter.

  8. We have 2 separate garbage cans in the kitchen… every week the garbage truck comes and the recycling truck comes… that would would be SO handy rather than 2 cans!

    Followed RM on Facebook (Ronni Keller
    Followed RM on Twitter @Grandma_Juice

  9. We recycle bottles and boxes, a lot…not all of them, but enough! I could use a better way to handle them, though.

  10. we recyle newspapers and plastic and i take my clothes to the donation centers-thats recycling right?
    tcogbill at live dot com

  11. Mystic_Kitchen

    Thanks for sharing this great product! I could really use one of these in my kitchen! While looking through the Rubbermaid website, I came across a post that I found very useful; ‘How do I Organize Family Papers’ . Not only was this a great tutorial on how to organize and store your paperwork- but it also listed some wonderful resources for purchasing the products needed to get your papers categorized. This is on my Spring Cleaning list, and thanks to you (an Rubbermaid) this is one job made much easier! Thanks for the chance to win!

    … But wait there’s MORE! I just found another useful idea! A step-by-step guide to organizing your recipes! I won’t take up more time by going into detail.. but will just simply say: “AWESOME”🙂

  12. We recycle our papers, cans, bottles, cartons, boxes, clothes, everything we do not think we need we freecycle online (like baby stuff and other bits we grow out of🙂 Love recycling!

  13. Our family recycles as much as we possibly can. We have 3 mega large containers and sometimes they don’t seem to be enough!

  14. Shared & hit the +1 button for Google+ as Lois Jones

  15. Follow Rubbermaid on Twitter as @MinistersWife59

  16. We have a big ugly recycling tub in the kitchen. Cans, bottles, glasses, paper, etc gets thrown in there.

  17. I liked rubbermaid on fb (donna alena)

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  19. I shared the giveaway on twitter (donna_cairns)

  20. We have 2 bins for recycling. We recycled almost everything we can and we compost too.

  21. We have paper bags full of recycling (cans, bottles, glass, paper, etc) in the kitchen that is just overflowing!

  22. We recycle more that we put in the trash. All our metals are sold to a recycle plant here in town. All the other items that the city collects go into our big blue recycle can for pick up every Monday. A group of my friends pass around magazines – when you get yours back it goes into the recycle can. Our next project is to build a composter.

  23. I “like” Rubbermaid on facebook!

  24. I “follow” Rubbermaid on twitter!

  25. “Create the habit of putting stuff away. If you tend to leave stuff out, see if you can link the action of putting items away with the action of using them. It can take some conscious effort at first, but if you keep at it, it can become automatic. Some tools that I’ve found have helped me create habits include Don’t Break the Chain and”

    This is what I need to do!!!

  26. We have single stream recycling so all paper, cardboard, plastic and cans go in one bin and out every other week

  27. I like Rubbermaid on facebook

  28. I follow Rubbermaid on Twitter @JulsB20

  29. We do our city curbside recycling. I also take batteries to school to be recycled and we recycle electronics at a nearby facility.

  30. Great product!!

  31. My family was recycling in the very early 70’s and I’ve continued this with my own family. We recycle it all, and my happiest day was finding out that our rural town was finally accepting all numbers of plastic instead of just #1 and #2.

  32. I follow Rubbermaid on Twitter @50andcrabby

  33. I like Rubbermaid on Facebook (Lori Smith Merrick)

  34. We save our cans….and we compost! Food is a huge amout of our landfills….people need to compost more.

  35. The Rubbermaid Hidden Recycler is a great thing to have! so easy to use and keep the used containers off the kitchen counter

  36. We recycle aluminum cans, plastic bottles, newspapers, magazines and I try to upcycle as much as I can as well

  37. I already “like” rubbermaid on facebook (Valerie Johnson) and follow them on Twitter (@mommasmoolah) and I shared this post on both of those as well.!/MommasMoolah/status/184449758226690048

    From the blog I read about my cleaning cycle and about doing little things on a daily basis to keep things clean.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  38. I decided to get these bags to replace my inconsistent supply of brown paper bags from the grocery store. They work just fine for their intended purpose and hold enough of my recycled stuff to get me through the two weeks before the next recycle period.However, I discovered another purpose this morning. I have a bag half full of paper for shredding and recycling sitting the living room and my young kitten has decided it’s the best toy ever! He pounced into the bag from across the room and spent the next 20 minutes happily “killing” the bag and chewing on it. And then about an hour later, he did it again. Even with all of that, the bag has survived for future recycling projects…and most likely to be “killed” again. There are a few teeth marks on the edge and on the handles, but no holes or serious damage. :o)

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