Lucky Nola – Product Review

Since moving to New Orleans as a child, I’ve notice there is one staple every New Orleanian has- A Fleur de Lis. We wear it in our jewelry, wallets, clothing, hats, painting, Home Decor, and even our debit cards have fleur de lis on it. We don’t get tired of it, and there is never such a things as too much! For us, it’s not just a symbol, it is a tattoo we wear on our heart.

Lucky Nola is a unique, one of a kind ceramic keepsake wall hanging. Similar to a wall-ornament, these detailed pieces are handcrafted with the finest materials. You can feel the textures that overlap giving each piece a detailed high quality finish.

But the great thing about Lucky Nola is they have so much more to offer than Fleur de lis. Lucky Nola has a variety of figures & themes. From Alice in Wonderland to Victorian themed, it’s versatility will fit most home decor or office.

I found the perfect place to hang my Lucky Nola piece. The detail on the piece I received is really amazing! I was very impressed , in fact, there was a small argument on weather I was going to keep the piece for my room, or share it with my 11 year old daughter-she lost! This would be perfect to give as a birthday gift or Easter is coming coming up. Lucky Nola has tons of Bunny pieces in stock. Don’t forget, each piece is handcrafted one of a kind & signed by the artist, RAEGAN ROBINSON. Special Request are also available.

You can find Lucky Nola at or at ETSY. If your on Facebook be sure to check out Lucky Nola on Facebook as well.

Disclosure: This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I was provided with product in exchange for the review. All opinions are my own & can not be influenced in anyway.

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  1. What a nice peace and a way to remember New Orleans! Very, very nice, I’ll have to check it out!

  2. Wow, those are really beautiful! I love Fleur de Lis, I had NO idea it was a NO thingπŸ™‚ (clueless yankee, lol!)

  3. What a beautiful looking Fleur de Lis! I’ll have to check Lucky Nola out!

  4. Wow, very cool ETSY shop! Thanks for introducing me.

  5. Nice! I love the designs! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. Beautiful designs! Thanks for sharing!πŸ™‚

  7. Those are really neat. I’m not a big jewelry person though.

  8. I love the shape of Fleur de Lis – I totally forgot to pick anything up with Flue de lis the couple of times I was in New Orleans ;(

  9. Love the design. Thank you for sharing!

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